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Surfing – A Sport, an Art, a Lifestyle

Surfing is often considered to embody these three things, but at it’s best it’s all three at once. A few years ago, only a couple of student surfers started the UL Surf club with only a handful of members. Their aim being to create a group that could share the same passion for catching waves while also providing another way to meet new people from all different backgrounds. The clubs level ranges from total beginners who have not set foot on a surfboard to advanced surfers who live and breathe the renowned waves of the Irish west coast.

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UL Student/ Non UL Student

Once you have paid the membership, simply request to join ul surf club on the UL Wolves site and we will approve you. Then you receive weekly emails with all the info you need. To begin, come to our pool sessions at the UL Sport Arena, Mondays at 9.45 pm.

The Club

As a club, our main focus is to get out into the ocean and show you what surfing has to offer with waves to suit every level of surfer. We have many experienced members who are always there to offer advice and guidance out in the water so that everyone makes the most of their time on the board. There’s so much to learn out there! Depending on the conditions, day trips are organised as often as possible to Lahinch, Spanish Point and many other epic surf spots, some of which many surfers like to keep secret. We are lucky to be able to offer all our members boards and wetsuits that can be taken out on loan for these day trips, all that needs to be done is for you to consult our Equipment and Safety officers.

We like to keep things exciting with weekend trips away each semester. These are definitely some of the biggest highlights for our members. Every month we try to have a weekend trip away to different surfing spots around Ireland such as Lahinch, Castlegregory, Tramore, and Strandhill. Each of these surf spots have their own kind of waves, making each trip an opportunity for one to learn more on a surfboard. These weekends are packed full of epic times, loads of surfing and often wanders around the local area. The trips are kept very affordable as of course, we are all students. Lessons are also provided by our more experienced members and of course wetsuits and boards are also provided.

Weekly events are held for members to meet up and socialize but to also improve on their own surfing skills. Pool sessions are held every week for an hour in the UL arena where fun is had building up strength in the water with paddle races and breathing training. The pool sessions also provide new members with a relaxed approach to integrate into the club for the first time, and it doesn’t stop there. We also have weekly Pilates and Balance sessions throughout the academic year in the Universities boathouse. There has been great interest shown in the Pilates classes over the last year with exercises directed particularly at helping improve your surfing, flexibility and overall fitness thanks to our Pilates instructor Jason Walsh.

The biggest highlight of the year is undoubtedly our annual trip abroad. Our first international trip saw 15 members head away to Peniche in Portugal in 2013 for a week of warm surf. Last year’s trip to Morocco saw 35 members set off on an exotic surf adventure to the beautiful coastlines of Africa. This trip not only served as a brilliant surf trip but also opened everyone’s eyes to the diverse and rich Moroccan culture and was a huge success with plans already in place for the next one. So whatever it is you do during your time in college, be sure to check us out!

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The club is fiercely defensive of it’s nightlife reputation and ensures every year that it runs the best parties of all the University clubs.